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by Amelia

Loving Women. This topic of discussion led me to give Women's Nite another go. I had gone for another session before and honestly, I was less than impressed. This time though, I left feeling that I have to come back for the next session in November.

The session saw a really lively exchange of ideas. The night was filled with revelations, hypothetical situations, conflicting viewpoints, provocative comments (most of this coming from my group) and shocked silence followed by laughter. Most of us were in high spirits. We discussed various questions including what we looked for in a partner, our stand on values, obstacles to a good relationship and how to overcome them. Within our small groups and during the mass discussion, we agreed on points raised, challenged one another on conflicting points and shared our experiences. There was a lot of positive energy in the room.

The whole experience gave me insight into the dynamics and perspectives of women who love women. I left taking with me the understanding that tolerance and communication is key to propping up meaningful relationships. Finally, to complete the tripod, we must not forget the third and stabilising leg - great sex!


by Jaime

Women's Nite is indeed how the others have described in previous Reflections - worth your time. Gay women come together to discuss issues that matter to all of us, and we enjoy a Saturday night together with food and new found friends.

Personally, I feel that an activity like Women's Nite is long overdue. It is a welcoming change from loud music, booze and lights that we can hardly see, let alone interact under.

After getting to know the topic for the month, I signed up for the event and brought a few of my friends along as well. We had a slow start, but as the night progressed there was lots of laughter and conversation. It was well-organised, with smaller groupings for discussions, so most of us did not feel shy about talking.

It was a meaningful way to spend a Saturday night. I will definitely encourage my friends and others to take part. Thank you organisers!


by May

A friend invited me to Women's Nite. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about attending, but later decided to go for it. Whatever worries I had were put at ease once I got there as we were warmly greeted by the facilitators. People were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed, with the women mingling before the discussions started.

The discussion on what constitutes the dynamics of a relationship were very insightful and engaging and at many times funny, with the topic on sex thrown in at some points. Everyone candidly discussed their views and shared their thoughts. It was heartening to see so many women gathered together, being able to be themselves and have a good time. And of course food is always a good accompaniment to anything though I couldn't eat much that night.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great night of fun and laughter.
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