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Got a question?

Q: Who is Women’s Nite for?
A: It is for women – lesbians, bisexual women, women who love women, as well as women questioning their sexual orientation. We ask that participants who are heterosexual, or who are bringing along heterosexual guests, inform us beforehand so that we can be sensitive to the needs of all women who attend the event. We welcome transgender women who identify as bisexual, lesbian or are attracted to women.

Q: Are there age restrictions?
A: Yes, the event is for women who are at least 18 years old.

Q: Why is Women’s Nite an alcohol-free space?
A: We believe that queer women should be able to meet, network and make friends in a variety of spaces, with or without alcohol. Given that number of bars and clubs that cater to queer women here, we feel that Women's Nite should cater to women who, for personal or religious reasons, want to meet others in an alcohol-free environment.

Q: Where is Women’s Nite held?
A: It is held in an enclosed venue in central Singapore.

Q: How many people attend the event?
A: No more than 30, which is the maximum that our space can take.

Q: Can I go alone?
A: Definitely. Our friendly organisers will make you feel right at home. And you'll be making new friends in no time.

Q: What do I wear?
A: Anything that you are comfortable in; most women who come are casually dressed.

Q: What should I bring to the potluck?
A: You can bring a home-prepared dish or purchase a ready-made dish suitable for dinner. It can be finger foods, vegetarian, meat-based (halal or does not contain pork), dessert or fruits. The amount should sufficient for 5-7 small servings. Eg. Fried rice, noodles, salad, roast/fried chicken, pizza, stews, satay, curry puffs, otak-otak, donuts, cakes, etc.

Q: Why do I have to register for the event?
A: Women’s Nite is a private event, and so we require the names and the contact details of participants attending it. We also need to know details of the dish or drink you are bringing to the event in order to coordinate the potluck. Due to our space constraints, we can take no more than 30 people each month.

Q: How do I get email updates on each month's Women's Nite?
Details of each month's event put up on this website and circulated via various GLBT discussion lists and web portals. If, however, you prefer to be updated via email, simply drop a note to us at women.snite@gmail.com
or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/women_snite/ to join our mailing list.


How do I sign up?

Once the details of each month’s event is up on this website, simply drop an email to us at women.snite@gmail.com.

Include your full name, mobile phone number, the halal dish or drink you are bringing, as well as the name of guests coming with you. If you are heterosexual, or are bringing along heterosexual guests, please also indicate that in the email. The organisers will then inform you of the exact location for the event.

We'll love to see you at our next Women's Nite!
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