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by Christine

I turned up at the venue, and was a little taken aback by the small turnout. Small but really cosy group. And it was that which put me at ease later on. For once, I felt less intimidated in an all women's group. What's best was, at the end of the session, everyone knew everyone by name!

The issues raised were nothing new, but the sharing proved otherwise - honest and balanced. Indeed, a lot of things need to be put in context before we jump to conclusions and judge, like on the question of "why do you only have straight/gay friends?". It's not a matter of choice sometimes; it's a matter of circumstances. (Sounds familiar?)

The lively yet in-depth discussion suggested the maturity of the group - not that they are "oldies", but rather, they are a bunch of well-adjusted lesbians and bisexual women, or whatever in between, who understand that our world goes beyond this thing called "orientation".

To sum it up, here's my rating (based upon ****) for the memorable night:
Makan: ***1/2 ("No more curry puffs," so said the facilitator)
Ice-breaker: **** (What's with this quirky thing about you?)
Questions for discussion: ***1/2 (A little too many)
Participants' sharing: **** (Insightful and superb!)

Finally, kudos to the facilitators (especially to the 'cher-looking one!)
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