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May 2007 REFLECTIONS: Same Same But Different?

by Krysten

The procrastination was over. Women's Nite finally fitted perfectly with my schedule, and came along with a catchy "Same Same But Different?" discussion topic. How could I resist? But being a first timer, I carefully registered for it after getting not just one but two good buddies to attend it with me in case of any unfriendly encounters. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise!

I recalled feeling apprehensive climbing the flight of stairs, with my piping warm BBQ drumlets in my hands, my mind racing with questions like - How would these ladies be like? Opinionated? Overbearing? Nutty? The next thing I knew, this big "Hello!" disrupted my thoughts. I looked up and saw one of the facilitators giving me this nice warm smile. I flashed back the same and I asked her where I could place those drumlets and was then greeted by the sight of many women busy chatting and helping themselves to the colourful array of delicious food.

I located my companions, but we were separated randomly into groups for discussion. Each had a story to tell. So many viewpoints were brought up. Some women nodded in agreement while others voiced their counter arguments, but there was nothing too heated.

I learnt so much from my fellow lesbians - how we are not alone in our thoughts and actions and yet how diverse we are. We are certainly a community, and we certainly do have a voice.

It was definitely an enriching experience and made me challenge some of my assumptions. I particularly remember the valid points made by Women's Nite facilitator Suzanne and I'm glad I had the chance to interact with her before she leaves the country.

Many of us stayed behind after the discussion to chat, and even exchanged numbers to keep in touch. Despite my tiredness from a stressful week of work, I felt the time and effort I took to participate in this women-only event was worthwhile.


by Shayli

That Women's Nite was a fruitful event. If not for my friend Su-Lin's invite, I would not have had the opportunity to learn about the community in a more mature and positive way. I was aware of the event much earlier but it never crossed my mind to attend one. I guess, just like some of the lesbians out there, I was rather judgmental and negative about the event.

The event was quite well structured and effective for me to get to know a group of warm and friendly lesbians. The discussion actually set me thinking about being more receptive to the community.

After the event, I managed to stay behind and mingle with the rest, and realised that not only was it organised by a small group of brave women, but that also takes a lot of effort and sacrifice of their personal time.

Hopefully the event can reach out to more lesbians and create a voice for the community.

Keep up the good work!


by Miin

I am really glad that I attended my first Women's Nite on the 26th of May, after months of procrastinating, even though I've been wanting to meet more queer women in Singapore.

Being my usual procrastinating self, I left it till the last minute to purchase food for the potluck, then didn't know what stores sold halal food, and had to run around the mall, asking all the vendors if their food was halal, only to find that most were not. This made me realise how difficult it is for Muslims to just go out for a bite to eat. I'll have to plan ahead next time.

The ice-breaker games were a wonderful way to quickly get to know everybody in attendance, and discussions were open, frank and non-judgmental. By the end of the evening, I got to know and exchange phone numbers with a lot of women and hope to be able to meet up with some of them again soon.
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