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APRIL 2007 REFLECTIONS: Show Me The Money

by Jillian

I've been thinking quite a bit about financial planning in recent times, so when I came across the emailer for a Women's Nite event entitled: "Show me the money!" I was immediately interested. But being a total scaredy cat, especially when it comes to matters related to the queer community, I decided to persuade my sis to go with me. She agreed, and so I sent the fateful email to women.snite@gmail.com …

Well, so anyway, as others have commented upon, it was a tad difficult locating the venue of the meet-up. After weaving our way through what seemed to be the seedier parts of Little India, we finally arrived at the correct spot, thanks to a printout from streetdirectory.com

Meeting new people is always nerve-wracking; I just couldn't help but have paranoid thoughts like: Argh, everyone here knows everyone else! Or even, gasp, everyone else brought healthy, low-fat food! (We brought a miscellany of fried carbos…) But as usual, things are never as disastrous as you'd imagine them to be and it wasn't very difficult to strike up a conversation with fellow attendees.

Regarding the main event i.e. the talk on financial planning, I felt that it was pitched at the right level: to provide an overview of personal financial services. Being somewhat of a financial slob, usually I'm too lazy to find out more about stuff like this although I do think being aware about money matters is important. It was probably good for my sis as well, cos she'll probably turn out to be less of a slob than I am and she has more years to reap the benefits of compounding (if you don't know what this is, you probably need to attend one of these thingys too ;p).

So, besides getting inspiration to take charge of my finances and start doing the grown-up thing of planning for the future, thanks to Hui Yee, our facilitator for the night, I also found out the meaning of "takaful"! Which I originally thought was some weird Japanese technique.


by Shwu Yng

Since it was my first time, I was really nervous and I think I made a fool of myself by talking non-stop like a Duracell bunny and saying really silly things. Man... was that embarrassing. I realised it only after coming home that night. I felt like kicking myself in the ass but after taking many days to convince myself that it wasn't that embarrassing after all (and thinking positively!), I decided to write something about it.

The Women's Nite talk was really an eye-opener to me and definitely a great experience. I've never really put much thought into making my money grow, and always thought that by saving it in a bank I'll have enough in the future. The talk showed me the realities of the financial world and convinced me enough to start thinking seriously about managing my money. At least now, I've a slight idea about how to start planning for my future and putting that into action. I have to thank the speakers for making me come to my senses, the timing is just right for me now.

And so... here comes the time for me to say sorry to those people whom I've accidentally irritated. I promise that the next time I'm there, I'll try to be more careful (and not to be too blunt) when I open my silly mouth. I'll be good... I promise. ;)
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