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April 2007 topic: SHOW ME THE MONEY

Can't tell your Medishield from your windshield?
Confused by all the insurance schemes out there and wondering what works best for you as a gay woman?
Trying to figure out where to put your loose change so that you may one day retire in gay-topia?

Whether you own half of Orchard Road or just the clothes on your back, whether you're single or attached, come along this Women's Nite as two financial advisers from Finexis Advisory -- Adelina Koh and Connie Tan -- give you a whirlwind tour of what you can do to protect and grow your money as a gay woman!

Adelina Koh is a certified financial planner, a million-dollar roundtable qualifier, navigator premier investment adviser and Takaful certified senior financial advisor with Finexis Advisory. She specialises in wealth maximisation and estate planning.
Connie Tan is certified in financial planning and a Takaful certified adviser with Finexis Advisory. She specialises in comprehensive wealth management and preservation.
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