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JANUARY 2007 REFLECTIONS: Family - The Ties That Bind?

by Irene

As it was my first time attending Women's Nite I was kinda worried things were going to be awkward - after all, I've not exactly been an active participant in the PLU comunity - but my worry was soon put to rest. Or maybe I was just a little high from the lack of sleep and the head cold I was having (hope no one caught anything from me!).

When they were wrapping the session up I was still thinking, how come it feels like there is not enough audience participation? Then I discovered it was 11pm and we had started at around 8. It had been three hours but I hadn't felt that much time had passed.

Excuse me for being such a noob - I'm still amazed how engaging I found the discussion. It was like talking shop - you know, when say, everyone works in advertising and you get together to talk about all the trade secrets that no one else would understand unless they're also in the business.

Some things discussed I could easily relate to, like when one of the women said her mum told her that the woman she was going out with would one day leave her for a guy. I was like, hey, my mum said that too! Some other ideas I found totally alien - like when someone mentioned how being a lesbian means being doubly marginalised in the family - once for being a woman, and again for her orientation. The part about being marginalised for being born female is quite unheard of in my family.

Someone also brought up the issue of being in a situation where "my mum knows, and I know she knows" but both can proceed no further through that impasse. That is so the opposite of what happens in my family, where my mum wants to know everything and keeps bringing the subject up. I suppose I've got to be thankful for that now.
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